Day 6 - Friday, December 3, 1999

Time to leave Holguín. I'm not feeling too well this morning. Maybe the moonshine rum we drank last night has something to do with it... When I drop by to say goodbye to Ricardo and Sonia they won't let me leave before I have had breakfast with them. Tomato salad, jugo de papo and delicious guineo manzano. I feel a little uncomfortable when they tell me they feel like some family member leaves.

Province border Las Tunas - CamagüeyI head for the Carretera Central and stop for gas at the Servi-Cupet. Twenty dollars to fill up the tank. Ricardo would have to work for almost two months to earn this amount of money. The road to Camagüey leads through a rather flat part of Cuba. I take along several hitchhikers. They are kind of shy at first, but most of the time a couple of words in my broken Spanish is enough to let them start asking questions. Funny how it becomes apparent that cars are not at all common in Cuba: most of the people don't know how to open the door from the inside...

I check in at Hotel Camagüey, which is a couple of kilometers east of the city center. I had planned to go and visit the city, but I have a terrible headache. Two paracetamol tablets should do the trick. I wash some clothes, hang them out to dry and then go to sleep.